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Taking into consideration the fact that your house is the most valuable possession for every individual, we help them keep it safe and secure by offering Residential Locksmith Services in all of California and Texas. We not only help install new locks but also offer replacements for lost keys, as well. Our services are sought after in the industry for their reliability, timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

In case you have lost your home keys, there is nothing to worry as we are just a call away. Good Lock and Key trained and licensed technicians are available round-the-clock, who can open the locked door of your house in just a few minutes as well as provide you with a new key. Moreover, if you are stressed about the fact that someone may find your lost key and break into your house, then you can choose to re-key the existing locks.

For the security of your house as well as your loved ones, we assure reliable and prompt residential services. We hold expertise in re-configuring keys that fit the existing key. Additionally, our clients can also get new locks for their home that can open with the old keys. Re-installation of the lost keys is also possible with our efficient and reliable services.

Clients who keep losing their keys can now breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the introduction of Keyless Entry Systems. We provide services for installing these systems in all residential establishments. There are several kinds of keyless entry systems available in the market like touchpad, keyless deadbolt and fingerprint keyless entry lock. Remote deadbolt and electronic keyless deadbolt with keypad, add to the list.

We offer both mechanical as well as electronic solutions for securing the premises. Clients can either get the push button keypad locks or access control systems that open with a swipe card. These systems can be installed in the existing door with just little modifications. All these services are rendered by our professionals on-site.

Our skilled professionals are proficient in all kinds of locksmith work, which include iron gates works and panic bars installation. As a security measure, clients can also ask for peephole installation services. Our technicians are equipped with all the required tools and equipment that enable them to provide exceptional services.

Apart from solutions for keys, we also provide services for new lock installation, lock change, lock re-key, lock repair as well as master re-key. Clients can also get just one single key for all the locks by getting the locks re-keyed.

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I own a small business, a music store in Pasadena. i was missing some inventory and realized an employee was stealing from me. I decided that I'll install a keyless entry security system in the shop. A friend suggested your Locksmith.

It took your locksmith technicians only a couple of hours to do the job. They were professional, polite, and courteous. I was very pleased with their services. All I can tell you is that I would call you again for anything related to locksmith services or security services.

--- Greg B., Pasadena CA ---